R-Studio 5.4 Build 13 Corporate Edition Registered (Data Recovery Software)

R-Studio can easily recover all known file types that have been deleted as long as the files have not been written over. The software is compatible with all Windows operating systems back to Windows 9x, and it can create disk images. R-Tools provides utilities for all types of recovery needs, from simple file deletion to network editions and technician editions of the software for difficult data-loss disasters.

R-Tools recovery software can recover lost files from any memory device, including hard disks, externally connected disks, memory cards, CDs and DVDs, floppy disks, USB-connected drives and more. It can even recover unknown file types if you create the parameters for the software to find them. The R-Studio version we reviewed runs on Windows PCs and can recover data from the same PC or connected devices and restore files to any memory device accessible by the host machine. However, the network version can run on any Windows-based PC and recover files from other types of machines and storage arrays via a network or internet connection.

The file recovery software can attempt to restore data after a variety of disk problems, including viruses, partition changes, reformatting, running of utility tools, or disks with bad sectors. It can even perform damaged RAID recovery by creating a virtual RAID from its components. The virtual RAID can process data like the original array. We tested this software's ability to discover and restore a group of files on three test PCs running Windows 7. This software was able to restore all our test files, and it even kept our deleted music album folder intact rather than splitting it into separate files.

R-Studio for Windows is as close as you can get to professional data recovery services in a do-it-yourself software solution. It can recover data lost due to all types of problems, from simple accidental file deletions to full system crashes and reformatted drives. Restoring mass quantities of data is complicated, but this software is multifaceted enough to handle complex situations. If you have a severely damaged disk, cannot start Windows or have partition issues, R-Studio is one of the best solutions available to help you restore your files and your peace of mind.

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