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Many of my friends and colleagues asked me how to record a sound and save it in mp3 format so everyone can play it on any device i.e mobile, computer, mp3 player etc.

usually, when we record a sound/audio it will be saved with .wav extension, though this is not our choice and we want it to be saved in mp3 format since this is by default so now we have to find a way to solve our problem and that's what put me here. 

how to record a sound and save in mp3

The best and easy way to record a sound is to use a software, though there are much software but some of them are really cool with some powerful features.

so i will show you the best one which you can use to record your music or you can use it for any other purposes.

Best free software for mp3 recording

Mp3 my Mp3 Sound Recorder is the best one, if you google "Mp3 my Mp3 Sound Recorder" you will see a website where you can see all the details.

features Mp3 my Mp3 Sound Recorder:

  •  record from any source very easy
  • streaming any audio
  • video games
  •  microphone 
  • CD, cassette,
  • phone or Skype calls
  • and a lot more

how to download and install?

Type in your browser and there you will find the download link, mp3myp3 is free to use and its an open source software, you dont have to pay any charges for this. once the software is downloaded install it on your system, if there are any issues feel free to comment or you can also contact the support of
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