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today the question is how to record a sound in mp3, though answering this questions is not that easy because there maybe be specific devices to record a sound in mp3 format, but the real question is something else that everyone ine the media industry is searching for and i am pretty sure if you read this article you probably be here for the same reason. let me solve this problem for you.

so simply the question is, what is the best and free sound recorder software?

normally, when a user records a sound/audio it comes with another extension called .wav so .wav extension doesn't work in every device while mp3 can work,, though this .wav comes by default but we need the outcome of our music or any sound in mp3 so now we have to find a way to do that.

the best way to find the problem is to use a software developed by mp3myp3, why? its free, open source and we don't need to pay a single penny.

now the question is, where to download the software from?

well, there is no rocket science and since this is a opensource and free software so everyone can download it by visiting

once the software is downloaded and installed, one can easily record a music, phone call, or record any other sound.

Features of mp3myp3

If you can hear a sound, then you can record it!

the software mp3myp3 has an extremely intuitive UI and some cool features to help record a music track or any other sound in very easily and quickly. moreover, we can scheduled recording, quick & accurate conversion of CDs can  Produce files in a wide range that can be played in almost all devices, from phone ringtones to high quality 320 KB MP3's to lossless WAV audio files format. everyone can even add own custom skins as well. just download the software, install it on your machine and start recording.

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